Mike's Grinning Face

Mike Stop Continues is a software engineer, an author, and a futurist. His mission is to make the world a better place, and he strives to do so with projects spanning various media, including app development, machine learning, literature, and generative music.

He prefers email.


Cover of "Underworld"


Sex, Drugs, and a Loaded Gun

Everyone thought he was just a nerd, but then he drew the gun...

Hero Banner is sick of standing in his brother’s shadow. But when Fred saves him from yet another beating, Hero will do anything for a chance to set the record straight. His plan? Go to the Graduation Eve rave, point a gun at his tormentor’s head, and force him to apologize in front of everyone...

Fueled by rage and LSD, Hero takes aim. Then all hell breaks loose. The police arrive, the ravers scatters, and the bully steals gun. Hero and his friends flee into the woods with a target on their backs, where just to survive, each must stare down the barrel of their own disturbed past.

Can Hero confront his darkest secrets before it costs the wrong person their life?