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Underworld is a fresh take on a classic coming of age story. Stop Continues employs a brutal, lyrical style that creates a world both harsh and magical. His teen protagonists deal with the realities of today set against a timeless backdrop that draws in readers of all ages.

Underworld is a shocking, beautiful and very humane story. With his poetic and urban style, Mike Stop Continues has definitely found his rightful place as one of today's most exciting literary voices.

Álvaro Galván Rivera

You think you're safe, but you're not. Underworld starts on the green field of a small town park, but it ends deep in the woods of Pennsylvania, where no one can hear you scream. It's funny, it's scary, and it cuts you like a broken bottle to the gut.

Jamie Gioe

Great coming-of-age tale. Well developed characters, fun plot. Full of surprises. Looking forward to more from Mike Stop Continues!

Jon Coe

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Mike Stop Continues writes thrilling, provocative urban fantasy stories about portal-hopping heroes, outlandish entities, and worlds both near and far. Space is cold and the ocean dark, but the far reaches of the Omniverse are wonderful, wild, and alive. Why not go there?

MSC is an international and inter-dimensional traveller, a devout futurist, and a fervent supporter of open culture.

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