Underworld: Sex, Drugs, and a Loaded Gun

Sex, drugs, and a loaded gun… What could go wrong?

Hero will do anything to win Gilly’s heart before his brother Fred, anything to prove he’s more than his brother’s sidekick. But it isn’t easy with a savage bully keen on branding Hero “half-nigger, half-faggot.”

Desperate to prove he isn’t a half-measure and to finally step out of his brother’s shadow, Hero hatches a plan: Bring a gun to the Graduation Eve rave, point it at the bully’s head, and force him to apologize in front of everyone.

But when the gun ends up the bully’s hands, Hero must set things right. Or it won’t matter who Gilly loves, because they’ll all be dead, and it’ll be Hero’s fault.

Underworld is a groundbreaking coming-of-age story featuring fast-paced action, fresh teen romance, and bone-chilling small-town secrets that will stay with you long after you finish the book.

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