Deva Spark

A series of 9 novels.

For everyone who ever thought music could save the world…

When famed “Angel of Rock” Deva Spark is found dead, her one-true-fan and social outcast Taylor Song is charged with continuing her divine mission: Unlock the seal of the caves where Deva died without letting whatever’s inside fall into the hands of the Faceless Man.

But when her investigation into Deva’s murder turns deadly, can Taylor and her unlikely new friends find their way to the mountain’s secret center while surviving the onslaught of the Faceless Man’s minions?

Deva Spark is an otherworldly tour de force of music history from the clubs of downtown LA to the concert halls of old Harlem, and everywhere in between. Visit heavens where harmony is the air they breathe, and hells where melodies are poison. This story is for everyone who ever forgot that music can save the world, and even more so for those who still do.

The tour begins in 2018!