New Website!

It’s been a long time coming, but I finally have a new website! Welcome! Read on for some thoughts on what you can expect the next time you stop by.


I’ve completely rewritten my website once a year for the last fifteen years. That’s kind of crazy, but I think the reason for so many variations is that I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with the site, so I was never satisfied with the results. With this revision, I’ve stripped away everything except what I want to be doing with the site.  And what I want to be doing is three-fold:


The primary goal of this site is to present my writing to the world. Beginning with Underworld (release date: August 20), this site needs to be the best place for you to discover more about my stories and the strange dude who writes them. It won’t be long before my sophomore release either. Deva Spark, Book 1 (release date: November 15) will begin a nine book series that be released over the course of 2017.


But art is not created in a vacuum, and I don’t want to pretend like it is. I’ve discovered some of my favorite things based on the recommendations of my favorite creators. It’s my hope that fans of mine will do the same. That’s why I’ve created and am committed to maintaining a list of my favorite things, which you can filter by their medium and by which works of mine they’ve inspired. Love Underworld? See only the works I feel inspired it. You might know many of my inspirations, but I’m sure you won’t know all of them. Browse around and see what you come up with.


Very rarely do ideas pop up fully formed. Most of the time, I do a lot of thinking before I come to an idea I really, truly like. My blog is for setting those thoughts down. If you can enough to follow me, you should know I won’t ever ramble and I won’t ever waste your time. If there’s anything you want my opinion about, email me. That way, I also know what sorts of things to put on the blog.