Why does music play such a strong role in your work?

In so many parallel worlds, I’m a composer rather than a writer. There was a point in my mid-twenties where I could have gone either way, but I knew that neither of my arts could live while the other survived. So I looked at my possible futures and thought about how I could offer the world the most good. The wind blew from the east that day, and I chose writing.

That said, my passion for music hasn’t diminished. You can see it in characters like Taylor and Marty and Jude. I give them that part of me that I can no longer express. The will to create pure emotions, as music alone can do.

I sing constantly while at work, often unconsciously. A day doesn’t pass without my husband calling through the rooms because I’m inventing parts for whatever music is on at the time. I dream of music almost as often, and of the lives I might have lead had I chosen differently.

So I guess I allow music to come up so often in my writing because, if for some reason I never get back to it, at least I’ll know that much of that passion lives on.