About Mike Stop Continues

“The further you go, the further you can go.”

Mike Stop Continues writes thrilling, provocative urban fantasy stories about portal-hopping heroes, outlandish entities, and worlds both near and far. Space is cold and the ocean dark, but the far reaches of the Omniverse are wonderful, wild, and alive. Why not go there?

Mike wrote his first story when he was eight, about a leprechaun who followed the rainbow backwards in search of the person who needed his gold. Mike’s been in constant search of new worlds ever since. He’s worked as a principal software engineer, a teacher, and a hypnotist. Show him something he doesn’t know, and he’ll show you his next course of study. In addition to English literature and computer science, he’s studied history, linguistics, music theory, and cognitive science.

Check out MSC’s superhero series King Cage and his psychological thriller Underworld.

Stay tuned for Mike’s 9-book epic Deva Spark. The story follows Taylor Song on her mission to save music from the Faceless Man, a corporate warlock who sees art as an impediment to capital gain. Can Taylor navigate the tumultuous media industry without losing herself or her friends to the otherworldly threats at every turn?

MSC is an international and inter-dimensional traveller, a devout futurist, and a fervent supporter of open culture.

Ready for adventure?