mike stop continues

About Mike

Mike Stop Continues writes books, composes music, designs games, and eats a lot of sushi. He’s driven by the thought of giving people memorable, unique experiences whatever the medium, and gravitates towards ideas about other planes of existence, other modes of perception, and other kinds of people.

Currently, Mike is working on a retelling of Humpty Dumpty featuring a girl named Alison whose determination to make the world she wants breaks the world she lives in… But can she put the world back together?

Mike recently completed Locus Tarot, a minimalist tarot deck that strips away all the mysticism and complexity, leaving an easy to use tool for enhancing creativity, intuition, and self-discovery. It was a successful Kickstarter and is now sold on Etsy and in NYC novelty shops.

Locus Tarot will soon be followed by Labyrinth Life, a board game in which players seek an exit to the ever-changing maze of life by taking on new roles in this bizarre and sinuous society of errant misfits and adventurous vagabonds.

In his spare time, Mike is a Principal Software Engineer for the Huffington Post. He pitches products, mobilizes resources, and codes the hell out of big ideas. Mike makes web apps, smart interfaces, and visualizations that make you go “Oh!” He love HTML, CSS, and all forms of JavaScript. Check out his resume.